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Implant Supported Denture(s)

Implants are used to replace a complete set of teeth with an implant supported denture.

Unstable dentures are the bane of many people's lives. The gentleman in the photograph below, had been performing in a stage production when his teeth flew across the stage. He said the audience thought it was a part of the act, but he decided he needed more stable dentures. We made dentures which fitted much better and we placed three implants in the lower jaw to stabilise the lower denture. It is normally the lower denture which gives most problems as it has to fit around an ever moving tongue. The upper is more stable as it can go across the roof of the mouth to gain better stability.

We looked carefully at old photographs and were able to make his new teeth look like his original smile.


The bottom denture attaches to little press studs fitted onto implants in the jaw.


New lower denture attaches to press stud on implant for stability.

Old Dentures

Old Dentures

New Dentures

New Dentures

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