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How we helped three patients to overcome their fear of the dentist

Many of our patients have been unhappy with their teeth for years. They may not want to smile, worry about what others think and wonder how others can just pop to the dentist without any fear.
We see many patients like this and have helped them to come and see us, not fear treatment and also to have healthy teeth again.
Our first priority is our patients’ comfort and confidence in us – you have to trust us before we can look at treatment and this is one of our specialisms, for people who haven’t found ‘the dentist’ elsewhere.
Read about a few of our patients here.

Bullied for having bad teeth
A 20-year-old story is what this patient recounts whenever the subject of teeth comes up! And that’s because 20 years ago, we helped her to regain her confidence.
She had been bullied because her front teeth weren’t very nice to look at and the combination of the teeth and the comments was destroying her self-confidence. She previously had had dentures but Greg offered a new solution – a bridge, to help make them look and feel much nicer.
She was so pleased with the work she had done that she has been coming back to us for regular check-ups ever since.

Eating out was off the menu
Many of our patients consciously make small changes over the years to cope with poor teeth and the pain they can cause. Over time, it can affect your smile and confidence but when it affects what you eat, it’s definitely an alarm bell that you should not ignore.
This is the story of one of our elderly patients and his inability to eat properly. He had always been a very sociable person, enjoying going out and quite often, eating out. But as his teeth deteriorated and the pain was constant, soft food was the only option.
Quality of life is so important and our work improves not only the dental problems, but also the lifestyle choices people make. The solution here was implants, to replace all the teeth that were causing the pain. For this patient the result has been a reinvigorated social life with meals out back on the menu!

Years of pain and depression ended
Tooth pain can really have an effect on a patient’s wellbeing and mental health. Tooth pain can be excruciating and if it’s all over the mouth across several teeth, it can also be debilitating too.
This patient had been in pain for years and suffered depression as a result. It’s no fun to live this way and so our primary concern was to look at what was causing the pain, reduce or eliminate it and look to prevent it in the future.
Her teeth were fixed, cleaned and filled where needed, with infections eliminated and a regular dental care programme started, alongside frequent dental check-ups too.
She’s now pain-free and much happier and because she visits us frequently, she is also not dreading the appointment, because we can spot anything early now.

Can a visit to us be one of your New Year’s Resolutions?