We treat patients for what
they need and want – at a
pace they are happy with
to achieve the outcome
they wish for.

Finn Dental treatments

Dental treatments and procedures

Every patient is different and so every treatment plan is too.
Our treatment plans are uniquely designed to solve the individual patient’s problems in a way which achieves their desired balance of comfort, health, function, aesthetics and longevity.

Some patients want their teeth to look better. Other patients have problems with eating. Many of our patients come to us after years in pain – and we aim to provide each one with a plan to achieve attractive, healthy and functioning teeth.

All treatments are performed with meticulous attention to detail; we treat under operating microscopes to achieve the highest precision. Our laboratory technicians who handmake the crowns and other restorations also work under microscopes to ensure the best result for the patient. We have a CBCT scanner and an intra-oral scanner which makes taking impressions a thing of the past. We also offer in-chair and home whitening options.
Our fees reflect our attention to detail and the time we are prepared to spend ensuring that the results are of the highest standard.

Nervous patients

We appreciate that dentistry is not everyone’s favourite pastime, and our experienced team is happy to work with you to find the right approach to ensure comfort and confidence in any procedure.

This may involve small steps to gradually build confidence in the dentist or hygienist, giving you control to stop treatment at any time, enabling you to watch what is going on, listen to music or relaxation recordings on headphones. We are also able to use medications such as pre-operative sedatives and we regularly work with a doctor to administer sedation during treatment.

In short, we work with you to find the right solution for you as an individual.

For more detailed information, please speak to our friendly and helpful receptionists. We will be happy to hear from you by phone, email, or please do pop in.