Teeth whitening – how to the get the shine factor

Unhappy with your smile? Coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine all discolour teeth over time, leaving them looking dull and yellow, but new and improved whitening treatments make a whiter brighter smile possible for almost everyone.
There are lots of inexpensive treatments available over the counter and online that claim to make a miraculous difference to the colour of your teeth – but buyer beware – they tend to be temporary fixes with minimal effects. Current NHS advice is that teeth whitening should only be done in consultation with a registered dentist. This is because whitening involves applying bleaching agents to your teeth, and they can be dangerous if misused.

So, if you’re considering whitening, have a look at what Finn Dental Specialists offer. We utilise our thirty years’ experience in cosmetic dentistry to whiten your teeth in a safe, comfortable, clean environment, and we’ve seen some outstanding results – and some extremely happy, smiley patients.


We’ll give you three options:

Sit back and let us do all the work.
Zoom in-chair whitening lightens discoloured teeth with the use of a specialised lamp and hydrogen peroxide gel. It doesn’t take long, around 2 hours so the results are fast.
The main benefit of Zoom in-chair whitening is that it’s all carried out by the experienced professionals here at Finn Dental Specialists. Hop into the dentist’s chair and after they’ve applied a layer of advanced whitening gel, they’ll shine a blue LED lamp onto your teeth. The LED light accelerates the whitening process. It’s a painless experience and the lamp has variable settings to ensure you’re always comfortable.
The results are generally fantastic. Patients report less sensitivity than with other whitening treatments and you’ll be given a care package, including custom-fitted whitening trays so that you can maintain and even improve your new, whiter smile at home.

Home whitening
This is a good alternative to Zoom whitening. We’ll give you our professional advice and a custom-made whitening tray. It’s made to fit your mouth precisely, so will be relatively comfortable. You’ll take it home with you, along with the teeth care kit.
The home whitening kits work well and are also completely safe. They offer a controlled aesthetic improvement over time. We would usually recommend using the home whitening kit for 2 weeks. The whitening agent is a gentle formula which rejuvenates your smile and maintains the whiteness of your teeth. These kits are proving very popular with our patients for their ease of use and great results.

Internal whitening of non-vital teeth.
If you’ve noticed that some of your teeth are darker in appearance than others, it may be because of previous treatment on the tooth, such as root canal treatment.
Root filled teeth sometimes look dull compared with the surrounding teeth. By placing whitening agents inside the tooth, it is possible to improve their appearance, and make sure all your teeth look whiter and healthier.

The right treatment
A great smile can boost your confidence and make you feel amazing, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to choose the right treatment.
If you’re considering whitening, give us a call at Finn Dental Specialists, we’re always happy to offer advice and talk you through your options.