Fear not at Finn - we treat your fear before your teeth


Scared of the dentist: Three appointments before this patient came into the treatment room

Three visits before coming into a treatment room
Some people are just so scared of the dentist that they just can’t face it. One of these was a long-term patient, who first came to us thirty years ago. His friend was also a patient and told him that if anyone could help him with his fear of the dentist, it would be us – and he was right.

The first three visits – he sat in the waiting room
On his first appointment, he sat in the waiting room, but didn’t make it into the consultation room with Greg.
His second appointment was the same and his third, so Greg spent some time talking with him where he felt comfortable. This patient had several broken teeth, so quite understandably, he was worried about the treatment he would need.

The fourth visit – he came into the treatment room
His fourth visit though, took us all by surprise because he had built up the trust in Greg to have a tooth implant, there and then.

Greg and the team always take treatment at the pace of the patient and in nervous patients like this one, building up trust was essential before any treatment could take place.
As health professionals, we are not here to judge in the same way others might. If we see broken or unsightly teeth, we are thinking about how to fix them and make the patient’s life better, to help them undergo treatment that they are happy with and restore their confidence. We go into ‘solution mode’, thinking of all the options for treatment before deciding on the best one for the patient.

Talk to us about your dental concerns – we are here to listen.