We’re specialists in comfortable
and natural-looking dentures,
helping to restore your confidence



Because so many people are keeping their teeth now, the dentists and technicians who are highly experienced at making dentures have retired. Some undergraduate dental courses do not even teach complete denture making. It takes time and expertise to make the best complete dentures and we are very fortunate to have as part of our team Guy Stephens, whose post graduate study of dentures combines with his pleasure in making them.

Patients who need new or replacement dentures are usually concerned about the stability, comfort, appearance and function of their teeth. Through extensive training coupled with many years of experience and using the best possible laboratory technicians, we aim to address all of these potential problems. To achieve the best aesthetic outcome we try different shapes of denture to ensure that lips are properly supported in order to give a nice facial shape. We often work from photos of patients when they were younger, to mimic how they looked then.

We find that when the new dentures are completed, our patients leave the surgery with a renewed sense of confidence.

We look carefully at old photographs and are able to make new teeth look like an original smile.



Sometimes new patients come to see us with a poorly fitting, unstable lower denture and it is the bane of their life. We are able to overcome this through the placement of implants to secure the denture in place.