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Finn Dental treatments


Veneers can offer patients the beautiful smile they’ve always dreamt of, improving the colour and alignment of the teeth and dramatically increasing their self-confidence.

  • A veneer is made of a thin layer of ceramic material (porcelain) that fits over a tooth to improve the size, shape and colour, hiding cracks and discolouration.
  • It usually only covers the front and sometimes the bite of a tooth.
  • Some tooth must be removed before a veneer can be fitted.
  • A veneer may be fitted to a single tooth or several teeth and is usually applied to the front teeth to improve the smile.
  • It’s a very flexible approach to improving appearance. Tooth whitening can only alter the colour of the teeth whereas veneers can improve shape, alignment, close small gaps, cover chips and cover damage due to teeth-grinding.
  • They require less removal of tooth structure than crowns. If the back of the tooth is okay but the front needs to look better, a veneer is a good solution. If the back of the tooth is also damaged, then a crown is usually the better plan.
  • Porcelain veneers are made in a dental laboratory by a technician. They require removal of a thin layer of enamel which can leave the patient with some sensitivity.
  • Because the removal of teeth structure is irreversible, they are a permanent choice. You will be unable to go without them in future; they’re often the first step toward more invasive dental treatment. You are more likely to need a crown later.

Treat your veneers as natural teeth
Once you have veneers fitted, it’s as important as ever to maintain good oral hygiene – veneers do not mean your natural teeth are immune from decay and disease so brush, floss and rinse as thoroughly as you would have done before the veneers were fitted.